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General Answers:

1. What do I do with my certificate of completion for my violation?
Once you’ve complete the Failure To Yield Right of Way course, Too Cool Traffic School will automatically send the WIDOT-DMV an electronic copy of your certificate of completion and notify you by email. You will also have access to log back into to our website to obtain a copy for your records at your convenience, as proof that you’ve completed the course just in case you need it at a later time.

2. Am I eligible to take this Wisconsin Failure To Yield (FTY) course to fulfill the state requirement? If you have been convicted of a failure to yield violation, you will receive a notice from the state of Wisconsin that instructs you to complete a Failure to Yield/Right-of-Way course. Since our course is licensed by the state, you can take it to fulfill the requirements.

3. Is this course licensed by the state of Wisconsin? Yes! Our course has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. See for yourself

4. How long does it take for the course completion status to update with the state? It takes approximately 24-48 hours for the state of Wisconsin to update their records from the time that your completion status is submitted electronically.

5. How long do I have to complete a FTY course after getting a FTY citation? If your license is suspended, you need to do it within 2-6 months. If your license is not suspended, you need to complete it within 1 year (completing it sooner is better).

6. What happens if someone commits a FTY violation and doesn’t attend the course? If you don't attend the course and get another violations, the courts will see that you did not attend the course and might take action against you as a result.

7. My license was suspended for a FTY violation that resulted in bodily harm, great bodily harm or death. How do I get my license reinstated? Wait out the suspension, then take the failure to yield course prior to getting reinstated. Depending on your record, they might be able to reinstate online otherwise, they’d go to the DMV.

8. Is there any way to expedite the process of getting my license reinstated if I was suspended for a FTY violation? Unfortunately not. If your license has been suspended, you have to serve out the full suspension. Completing the course early won't let you get your license back earlier. However, you still need to complete the course before you can have your license reinstated.

Course Questions:

1. How long is the course? This is a self-paced, 2 hour course. Depending on your learning speed, it might take a little longer. However, it is only four chapters, and you don't need to take the entire course in one session. Stop and start it anytime!

2. Is there a final exam? Yes, the final exam is 25 questions. You need to score an 80% to pass. But don't worry, if you follow the course, it won't be hard. Plus, many of the answers are common sense anyway!

3. How do you verify who is taking the course? At the beginning of the course, you will be asked a series of personal validation questions that will be used to verify who you are later in the course. Randomly in each chapter, you will be asked to answer the personal validation question so we can make sure you're the one that is taking the course.

4. Do I need to take the class all at once? Nope! You can stop and start the course whenever you want. We will keep track of your place in the course, as well as how much time you've spent. Whether you want to take the course in a single session or over several, you can rest easy.