Florida Teen Driver's License Learner's Permit Course Discount Package

All 4 Products You NEED to Get your Learner's Permit

Florida Teen Driving Package

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  • TLSAE Florida 4-Hour Drug & Alcohol Course (required)
  • Florida Drivers Handbook Course covers the material in the Permit Exam
  • Unlimited Practice Tests the best way to measure your knowledge
  • OFFICIAL Online Learner's Permit Exam online for teens only (required)

Florida Teen Learner's Permit Complete Package

If you’re a teenager in Florida looking to get your Florida Learner’s Permit you’ve come to the right place.  We have everything you need in one money saving package.  As you probably know, the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Course (Test) is just the first step in getting your Florida Learner’s Permit.  You also need to study for the Learner’s Permit exam itself and that information is found in the Florida Driver’s Handbook and that is why we have our exclusive course for that. The final step in any quality exam preparation will include practice exams to test your knowledge before you take the actual exam.  That is why we include our Practice Exam module in our package. Finally, as a Florida teenager you can take your actual Learner’s Permit Exam right here online with us!

Everything Teens Need to Get a Learner's Permit

All 4 courses in one package to save you money
  • Florida Teen driver packageBEGIN INSTANTLY
  • FREE downloadable Certificate of Completion
  • Automatic reporting to the DHSMV
  • Supported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Narrated with an animated guide
  • Fun activities & videos
  • Start & Stop as needed
  • 24/7 Access
  • Take the course around your schedule
  • Engaging & keeps your attention

Learn How Easy It Is for Teens 15 - 17 to Get Your Florida Learner's Permit.

Our course is designed to be fun and easy.  We were the first to offer a fully interactive course with an animated character to guide you through the process. Much like a teacher during a lecture.  All you do is click the play button, listen and learn.  The easiest course format on the Internet. We worked hard to make it easy for you.

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We are an official State Provider. There are some providers whose online courses are not state-approved. This means that these courses will not be accepted by the DHSMV. Be very cautious when picking an online provider. Not only are we 100% approved by the Florida DHSMV, but our online traffic school makes the best interactive courses with full narration for your enjoyment!

Some of our perks include:

  • Convenience & ease
  • Full animation & narration
  • Start & start as needed
  • Fun interactions
  • FREE Certificate download



No Surprise Up-Charges In The Cart
No Up-Charge For Narration
No Fake “State Fees”
No Up-Charge For Certificates.


You heard it here first! At 2Cool Traffic School, our advertised price is always our actual price. Taxes included. The price you see is the price you pay. Our competitors ask for an additional charge for everything that is already included in the price of our course. Our competitors also tack on false state fees and a certificate fee. They claim that their advertised price is the price you pay. This is false! Luckily, at 2Cool Traffic School, WE ALWAYS GUARANTEE HONEST PRICING and you can download your certificate of completion immediately.


Don’t be fooled by a low advertised price known as “deceptive marketing.” The complete Florida driver’s handbook turned into a course to make it easy for you.

Price Comparison Teen Driver's Permit PackageWhen you get to their shopping cart, the course that was less than $10 jumps very quickly when they add on:

  • State Fees
  • Taxes
  • Certificate delivery Charges
  • Course Narration

So, please, don’t be fooled by the low advertised price.  In some cases, that price can balloon to over $90! We hope that you choose the best course for you that isn’t based on tricky advertising. 2Cool Traffic School is always 100% honest with our prices.


Everything a Florida teenager needs to get their learner's permit to drive.


All 4 products you need to be sure you are fully prepared for your exam.

  1. Florida 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course, TLSAE (required)
  2. Florida Driver’s Handbook Course (Learner’s Permit Materials)
  3. Florida Driver’s Practice Exams (Unlimited retakes, 500 question pool)
  4. Florida Learner’s Permit Online Exam (required; teens under 18 only)

Florida Teen Package

Everything a teenager needs to study for and pass the Florida Learner’s Permit Exam

Florida Teen Driving Package

Getting a Learner’s Permit to drive is one of the big “coming-of-age” transitions of life. It is the key to starting to build your own life and becoming independent.  You do not want to be unprepared, so we highly recommend that you get our package so that you have all of the necessary materials to be successful.

  • Supported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Online for your ease and convenience
  • Automatic reporting to the DHSMV
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$

Here Are The Individual Courses Included In the Florida Teen Learner's Permit Package


TLSAE Course Topics

Florida DMV Requirements


  • Chapter 1: Drugs, Alcohol and Your Body
  • Chapter 2: The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Chapter 3: Impaired Driving
  • Chapter 4: Florida Traffic Laws
  • Chapter 5: Vulnerable Road Users
  • Chapter 6: Defensive Driving Skills
  • Final Exam

Florida Drug & Alcohol Course (TLSAE)

This is one of the required courses to obtain your license (required)

If you are a first-time driver and have never had a valid driver’s license, then you are required to take this Drug & Alcohol Course (also known as the TLSAE / Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Course) to get your driver’s license or learner’s permit. This course does NOT prepare you for the Learner’s Permit Exam. This is a common misunderstanding. It is completely separate from the permit exam.

  • Florida TLSAE CourseSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Fully narrated, virtual guide & fun activities
  • FREE Downloadable Certificate
  • Automatic reporting to the DHSMV
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$


Florida Handbook Course Topics

Florida Driver’s Handbook


  • Chapter 1: Preparing to Drive: Your Vehicle
  • Chapter 2: Preparing to Drive: You – the Driver
  • Chapter 3: Occupant Protection
  • Chapter 4: Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings
  • Chapter 5: Techniques for Driving Safely
  • Chapter 6: Sharing the Road
  • Chapter 7: Special Driving Situations
  • Chapter 8: Handling Emergencies
  • Chapter 9: Your Driving Privilege
  • Chapter 10: Your Florida License or ID Card
  • Chapter 11: Driving Courses and Driver Testing

Florida Driver's Handbook Course

The best preparation tool for the Learner’s Permit Exam (optional)

The TLSAE does NOT prepare you for the learner’s permit exam. This is a common misunderstanding. Most students think that the TLSAE prepares them for the permit exam. It does not. However, our Handbook Course will! If you are a first-time driver in Florida, then you need to study the entire Florida Driver’s Handbook to pass your learner’s permit exam. Our Handbook Course breaks down everything you need to know with easy-to-understand visuals, narration and fun activities.

  • 2Cool Traffic School Florida Driver's Handbook CourseSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Fully narrated with a virtual guide & fun activities
  • Fun, easy & ENJOYABLE
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$


Practice Test Topics

Florida Drivers License Practice Test


  • Traffic Signs and Road Rules
    This is the topic that is covered the most on the real exam, so we make sure it’s a BIG part of the questions you’ll see in this practice exam! 
  • Vehicle Requirements
    There are specific requirements on cars that make them safe and road ready. Make sure you know those little details about bumper heights, headlight visibility, etc. 
  • Occupant Protection Laws
    There is some important information you’ll need to know about seat belts and car seats. 
  • Techniques for Driving Safely
    Make sure you remember how to handle different driving situations. 

Florida Drivers License Practice Test

The best simulation practice tool for the Learner’s Permit Exam (optional)

We have created another great way for you to pass the Learner’s Permit Exam the first time. This practice test simulates questions that you will see on the real exam. You can identify the areas where you need to study more to make sure that you get those correct on the real exam. You can take this practice test as many times as you want. You will get different questions every time because we designed a pool containing over 500 questions. We will give you 50 questions at a time just like the real exam. However, we do not give you a time limit because our goal is to make sure you know the material first!

  • Florida Learner's Permit Practice TestSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Unlimited Test Retakes
  • 500-Question Pool
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$


Permit Exam Topics

Only drivers under 18 can take this exam online

  • Traffic Signs and Road Rules 
  • Vehicle Requirements
  • Occupant Protection Laws
  • Techniques for Driving Safely

Florida Online Learner's Permit Exam

The online version of the Learner’s Permit Exam (required)

The Learner’s Permit Exam is required to obtain your license. Our permit exam is 100% online for those who are under 18 only. If you are 18+, then you must take the exam in person. You have one hour to answer 50 questions that are based on the Florida driver’s handbook. Your pass/fail grade will appear right after you complete the exam. We automatically report your passing grade to the DHSMV. No certificate is given or needed upon completion.

  • Florida Learner's Permit Online ExamSupported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Online for your ease and convenience
  • Automatic reporting to the DHSMV
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$

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Are You 18 Years Old or Older?

We have an Adult Driver Bundle just for you, too!

The Adult Driver Bundle (18+)

Our Adult Driving Bundle has everything you need to get your driver’s license if you are 18 years old or older. It includes the required Drug & Alcohol (TLSAE) Course as well as two (2) permit exam preparation materials–the Florida Handbook Course and the Practice Exam. You get three (3) of our most valuable products at the lowest possible price!

  • Supported on Mobile/Tablet/Computer
  • Unlimited Course Retakes
  • Fully narrated, virtual guide & fun activities
  • FREE Downloadable Certificate
  • Automatic reporting to the DHSMV
  • Package bundles offered to help save you $$$
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