Florida Common Questions for new Florida First Time Drivers

New Driver with Questions?

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Find answers to some common questions, then, take the next step. Sign up for our state-approved TLSAE course (required for all first time drivers) for your learner's permit.

Q: What course is required for first time Florida drivers?

Curious to know the Florida's requirements for first time drivers? Find out which course first time drivers in florida must take before they can get their license.


Q: How do you get a permit or first adult license?

Learn how to get a permit or drivers license in Florida. Whether you seek a learner's permit or a first time license, we'll walk you through the procedure.


Q: What is the legal driving age in Florida?

The earliest you can legally begin to drive is when you're 15. But you can't just start driving when you turn old enough unless you do these things, first.


Q: Where can the drug and alcohol course be taken?

Unsure what your options are? Learn where you can take a drug and alcohol course to meet the state requirements for new drivers.


Q: How much does the drug and alcohol cost?

Trying to figure out what you can expect to pay for the drug and alcohol test? Look no further. We'll help you make sense of how much the drug and alcohol test is.


Q: How long is the drug and alcohol test?

You probably know that all new drivers have to take the 4 hour drug and alcohol course. But what about the test at the end? Learn how long the Florida drug and alcohol test.


Q: What do you need for a Florida permit?

Wondering what you need in order to get your permit in Florida? We've made the process simple and easy to follow.


Q: Can you drive to school with a permit in Florida?

Can you drive to school with a permit in Florida? Only if there is a licensed adult in the front passenger seat. See when you can drive alone to school.


Q: What do you do after taking the Florida drug and alcohol course?

Whether you've taken the Florida drug and alcohol course yet or not, it's always good to know what you will need to do afterwards so you can get your license quickly and easily.


TLSAE Course Chapters

See the chapter topics that our online Florida drug and alcohol course covers.