Passed the drug and alcohol course?

The next step is to sign up for the online permit test.

Getting your learner’s permit is a big deal. But you’re not ready to go to the DMV after you finish the drug and alcohol course. You still have to get prepared for and then take the State of Florida learner’s permit exam.

  • 100% Online
    Take it from the comfort of home
  • State Approved
    Recognized and Trusted
  • Free Reporting
    We submit your results to the DMV

Less Stressful

Teens 14½ to 17 years old can complete the online permit test from the comfort of home. This can help reduce test anxiety and improve your chances of passing! Without all of the extra stress, it’s a piece of cake!

Easy Reporting

We submit your completion status to the DMV immediately to ensure you can obtain your Learner’s Permit. Our support staff is on top of things.

Save Some Money

If you haven’t taken the drug and alcohol test yet, check out our bundles to meet your state requirements and save some money!

After the Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, Prepare for the State Test

Your Florida driver’s license test isn’t based on the drug and alcohol course. Ever since the State updated the exam, teens and adults have struggled to pass. We made practice quizzes & an interactive prep course to help you succeed!

Bundle for Teens

14½ to 17 Years Old

This package provides you with everything you need to study so that you can pass your exam easily!

  • Interactive driver’s license prep course
  • Unlimited practice quizzes
  • Includes Florida permit test!

Bundle for Adults

18+ Years Old

Bundled package of courses for an new adult driver in FloridaGreat for all ages, this package covers everything you need to know so you can pass the state exam.

  • Interactive driver’s license prep course
  • Unlimited practice quizzes
Get Your License

It’s so easy to get your learner’s permit or driver’s license.

  • Step 1: Take the Florida drug and alcohol course
  • Step 2: Prepare for the state permit test
  • Step 3: Take the the learner’s permit test online or at the DMV

Once you have completed both the drug and alcohol course and the permit test, you will be able to get a learner’s permit. If you are 18 years or older, the state of Florida will not allow you to take the test online — you must take the test in person.

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