FAQ: FL Driver Record

Last updated: October 16th, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions: Driving Records

1. What is a driver record? Do I need it?
Driving records keep track of your traffic violations, traffic education you've completed, license status and more. Employers often use it for job applicants, and insurance agencies look at it before every renewal period. Just like you occasionally check your credit score, it's important to make sure your driving record is accurate.

2. Will you give me a certified driving record?
No. The records that we provide are non-certified driving records that come directly from the FLHSMV. A certified driving record must be requested directly from the state via mail. Once you mail in the required forms, it can take 2 weeks for the request to be processed. You can't get a certified copy anywhere online or from your local DMV -- it must be done directly through the state.

3. Where can I get more information about certified driving records?
Visit the State Website for additional information. You can also call either of the following phone numbers if you have any additional questions:

  • 850-617-2573
  • 850-617-2000

4. There are three options... which one should I choose?
You can choose from a 3 year, 7 year or complete report. Each of the reports varies slightly. One of the biggest differences is that some information, such as traffic school completion, will not appear on 3 and 7 year reports. For more information, see the 3 year report overview, 7 year report overview and the complete report overview.

5. I don't have my Florida driver's license number. How can I find out what it is?
You can get this information from the State of Florida's website. See the step-by-step instructions.

6. I mistyped my driver's license number, so my driving report didn't go through. What do I do?
Unfortunately, if you mistype your driver's license number, the only way for you to get a valid record is to repurchase it and correctly enter the information. Since we are directly connected with the FLHSMV system, we are charged a fee immediately after submitting the request for a report -- even if incorrect information is submitted.

7. What if I need to see or reprint my driving report?
Since the contents of a driving record are sensitive in nature, we have a strict policy with how we handle driving records. Once you complete your purchase, you will have 24 hours to view, save or print the document. If you need to see it again within that timeframe, you can do so by logging into your dashboard. After 24 hours have passed, the document will be purged from our system. If you need it again after that, you will have to repurchase it.

8. Why doesn't a recent ticket appear on the report?
It can take time for very recent events to show up on your record. The FLHSMV database is updated after you have either attended traffic school, paid the fine, or after a court adjudication. The county courts must send conviction information to the state within 10 days after adjudication of a case. After this, the state can work on putting the information into their database. Contested or out-of-state tickets can take several months before they appear on the record.