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7-Year Driving Record

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This record is a great place to start if you want a general overview of your driving history of the past 7 years. Since this record is only a fraction of a driving record, it will ONLY include guilty (adjudicated by the courts) verdicts. This means that you will not be able to see the traffic infractions in which traffic school was used to remove the points from your license.

The 7-Year Driving Record includes:

  • Driver license/ID card issuances, exams passed & driver education
  • Guilty dispositions for traffic violations
  • Crash entries when a citation was issued as a result of the accident
  • All open suspensions, revocations, cancellations, disqualifications of the driving privilege
  • Suspensions, revocations, cancellations, and disqualifications cleared within 7 years of the date the record is run
  • D6 suspensions once cleared, remain on the record 1 year from the reinstatement date and are then converted to a correspondence entry for 2 more years. Once this D6 entry converts to a correspondence entry it does not appear on 3 or 7 year driver records
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Frequently Asked Questions About your 7-Year Florida Driving Record

1. How do I get my driving record?
You will register to make an account so that you have a place (the dashboard) to download your driving record. After you pay, enter your driver’s license number and then download the record as a PDF located on your dashboard. It will be available to download for only 24 hours. After that the link expires to protect your information, so please be sure to download it immediately.

2. Will it be emailed to me?
No. However, you will be able to immediately download it from your dashboard after making the purchase.

3. I mistyped my driver’s license number, so my driving report didn’t go through.
Unfortunately, the only way for you to get a valid record is to repurchase it and correctly enter the information. Since we are directly connected with the FLHSMV system, the state takes the payment and provides (or attempts to provide) the report as soon as the request is submitted.

4. I need my record, but I don’t have my Florida driver’s license number.
You can get this information from the State of Florida’s website. See these step-by-step instructions on How to Get a Florida MVR.

5. What is the difference between a certified and non-certified driving record? Which one do you provide?
We only provide non-certified copies approved by the state of Florida. This is not to be confused with a certified driving record. A certified driving record has a stamped seal from the state of Florida. We do not provide certified copies. If you need a certified copy of your driving record, please call: (850) 617-2000 / (850) 617-2573

6. What does a Florida Driving Record look like?
For an example of a Florida Driving Record, click here. Please note that your driving record may be only one page. This example is a comprehensive and detailed look and explanation of the information for driving records.

7. Why does my download link say “Download Expired”?
After 24 hours, your driving record is removed from our system to protect your privacy. You will need to pay for another one if you did not download the PDF during the 24-hour period.