Florida TLSAE Quick Overview

Florida TLSAE Quick Overview

Need Your Learner's Permit?

We are a State of Florida Approved Provider.

Drug and Alcohol Course Florida Overview

It's so EASY to get your permit!
#1: Sign up for the TLSAE
#2: Take our FL Handbook Course
#3: Take the Practice Test
#4: Take the Class E knowledge exam
#5: Head to the DMV and get your permit!

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Our course is fully narrated, interactive and fun!

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What is the next step after taking our course?

Getting your permit requires a lot of steps and can sometimes become a daunting task. But we're here to help! After you complete the course, we'll provide you with directions on what you still need to do. We'll also give you some helpful resources and help you set up an appointment at your local DMV so you can take the knowledge test in person or turn in paperwork and get your license.

Drug and Alcohol Course Florida

Required for all first time drivers.
Our Drug and Alcohol Course is engaging and fully narrated. It includes a variety of fun activities and videos to keep you interested and entertained. We are approved by the State of Florida to help you meet your new driver requirements. Our course works on anyone's schedule!



Florida Online
Learner's Permit Exam

(14½ - 17 years old ONLY)
We are a state-approved provider for the Learner's Permit Exam. The exam is 50 questions and covers traffic laws and signs. The exam is NOT based on the drug and alcohol course -- it is based on the Driver's License Handbook. Once you pass the test, you can go to the DMV to get your permit!



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